Are you sick and tired of your new digital TV losing signal or sound breaking up?

If after a scan, no channels, or only some channels, are found Your TV antenna may need to be replaced

Television antennas are exposed to varying weather conditions and are often used as a convenient perch for birds. In coastal areas they are especially affected by salt air. If visible from the ground, assess the condition of the antenna. Check that all elements are still in place (not bent or missing). Check that the antenna has clearance from the roof and is pointing in the direction of the TV transmission towers.

If your neighbours tell you they have good digital TV reception, compare the design and condition of your antenna with theirs. You may need to arrange for a competent antenna installer to assess your antenna installation with a view to improving your reception. Make sure he/she is equiped with a digital TV signal strength meter.

Your TV antenna may not be properly connected to your HD digital receiver Look for any connection diagrams in the installation manual. This will provide you with the optimum connection advice for your free to air TV viewing.

Cables, connectors, outlets and splitters might need replacement with high quality components, eg, Quad Shield coaxial cable and 'F' connectors.

If your antenna is not providing the optimum signal strength to the digital television receiver. Older masthead amplifiers might produce unacceptable levels of interference (a carrier to noise ratio that is too high) - replace with an amplifier with interstage gain control and the correct maximum gain required for good reception. You may need to arrange for a competent antenna installer to assess your antenna installation with a view to improving your reception.

Your old antenna may not be designed to receive all available channels Using the ACMA's listing of channels - check the channels (VHF and/or UHF channels) upon which digital broadcasting is taking place in your area. Your antenna must be able to receive digital television services broadcast on all those channels.

If your masthead amplifier may not have been designed to work on channels now used in your area for digital television, it may need to be replaced.If your picture regularly breaks up

The signal received may be too weak or too strong to allow the HDTV to generate a stable picture. The signals present at the antenna input of a receiver should conform to the following:

1. The signal strength should be between 50 dBµV and 85 dBµV. Signals below 50 dBµV may be too low to allow the receiver to receive the signal. Signals above 85 dBµV may overload the input of the receiver also causing it not to receive the signal properly.

2. The minimum Modulation Error Ratio (MER) should be greater than 25 dB. MER is a measure of the quality of the signal MERs of below 25 dB may too low for the receiver to decode the received signal. Measurement of these parameters should be done at the antenna wall plate and at the digital TV (not just on the roof at the antenna) with a professional digital TV field strength meter (all good installers now carry these meters). If signal levels are not OK, you are unlikely to have good reception unless signal strength can be improved - antenna relocation or changes to your amplifiers (masthead or distribution) may be indicated. But remember amplifiers should only be used by your installer to provide the minimum necessary boost to signal strength - those with interstage gain control are recommended,

Interference from impulse noise may be causing pictures to break up and audio to drop out momentarily Check for domestic sources of impulse noise (eg, the use of light switches, fridges, hair dryers, air conditioners etc.). The Australian Digital Testing strongly recommends the use of quad shielded coaxial cable and F type connectors (hex crimp or compression type) at all times.

If you have split the antenna input you may now not be receiving enough signal to display all the channels - so disconnect those antenna inputs not in use. Received signal may be marginal You will need to contact an antenna installer with a view to upgrading your antenna installation to improve your reception.

Your Antenna System is made up of many componants.

You need to have a Australian Government endorsed antenna technician with the correct test equipment to set it up and maintain it.


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